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Newer Vehicle Auto Window Tint



Please understand that the only glass that we tint

is on newer Cars, Trucks and SUV's. 


Thank you.




We only use Nano Ceramic Tint. We do not use Metallized Tint or cheaper Dyed Tint.


Installed prices listed below are for shades of

45% Light, 35% Medium, 20% Factory Dark and 05% Limo.  


2 Door Coupe, Back Windows $ 399.00
4 Door Sedan, Back Windows $ 449.00
SUV / Wagon, Back Windows $ 459.00

Truck, Back Solid Glass $ 225.00. Slider $ 275.00

Crew or Extended $ 449.00


B.C. Motor Vehicle Act Regulations prohibits window tint on the driver and passenger front doors and the windshield. 7.05-8
2 Front Window Tint $ 249.00                                        Front Tint Removal - 1 Hour Labour

Full Tint without windshield $ 599.00



We do not tint Used Vehicles, Windshield Strips, Boats, RV's, Buses, Canopies, Excavators, Tractors, Quads, Motorcycles, Lexan, Headlights, Tail Lights, Homes or Offices.


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