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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film was originally designed to meet a military requirement to protect helicopter rotor blades from the erosive effects from the sand in the desert.  Today we use the clear film to protect our vehicles from rocks and other driving debris.  Paint Protection Film (PPF) helps keep your vehicles looking better, longer, which helps boost your trade-in value.  Our film has a five year warranty that it will not bubble, crack or peel.  If you get in a car accident with PPF on your vehicle, in most cases it is covered under your insurance for replacement.  Our film stops 90%-95% of rocks, however it will not stop everything.  Over time the material will get marked up but it is doing its job by protecting the paint.  The brochure says the film is virtually invisible, which it is, from a normal viewing distance of 5 feet away.  If you inspect the film from 5 inches away you will see the film and you will see minor imperfections from the film characteristics and install process.  If your vehicle is a dark colour, slight imperfections will show more than a lighter colour vehicle.  You are purchasing rock chip protection, you are not purchasing something that is completely invisible from all angles and light sources.

All vehicles on this page have Paint Protection Film on them and yes, it is virtually invisible.

Paint Protection Film

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